Huntingdon Termite and Pest Control - Hosed by pest control

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Anyone needing their house treated for termites and bugs, I would advise against using Huntingdon termite and Pest Control in Huntingdon Tennessee.

They charged $160 to spray inside for bugs and termites under the house. I should have checked before they left, but I didn't and that is my fault.

My mother had the access hole covered with a piece of plywood, and a bag of mulch to prevent cold air from entering underneath the house in winter time.

This stuff has not been moved for a little over 2 years. later, that same day a carpenter came by to measure the access to build a screen to go over the hole. That's when I realized they never sprayed under the house.

The stuff over the access hole that had been there for over 2 years, had never been moved. It's impossible to move something that hasn't been disturbed for 2 years, and put it back and it look like it had never been moved. yeah, I'm pissed.

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